Buck-Rogers Studio is Opening

professional movie maker

movie making applicationsIf you are already dedicated to begin creating films, it is pretty simple to get started as long as you know the tips and tricks. For a newbie in this industry, pick up your smartphone and start fooling around with some of the movie making applications. You can as well find a few friends, move down to a nearest pub or park and do something. Do it repeatedly so that you can learn how to perfect it on your own. Also, it could be quite easier if you interact with people who have been doing filming projects for several years. It is either you engage the advisors directly or indirectly in order to learn the specific lessons.

However, we have good news. We are opening a new studio known as ‘Buck Rogers’. We have made every bit of arrangement to create an enabling environment so that various filmmakers can achieve their goals. With our new studio, you will have unlimited access to many sponsors and financiers, to whom you can make film proposals based on your project’s idea.

Our new studio features different modern features, and we are proud to commemorate the American science fiction film ‘Buck Rogers in the 25th Century‘. Interestingly, our producers and screenplay writers were trainees of the famous Glen A. Larson and Leslie Stevens among other character creators in the Buck Rogers film. This means you will find the most qualified film experts. Probably, letting your film/movie to be produced in our studio will give it a direct ticket of quality to an award winning category!

movie installMany of our professionals have been involved with more than 800 short movie projects and over 10 feature movies. This enormous experience has enabled them to learn those excruciating lessons, and therefore you rest assured of high-quality because they understand all possible film production mistakes. More importantly, you will not be overwhelmed by the ‘proof of model’ stage because our experts will take you through the entire process.

Once you get in touch with the experts in our studio, the sooner the movie bug will snatch you. Through expert’s assistance, you will start reflecting on the core reasons you need to create films. Perhaps, you want to make profit, influence audience, or become popular. It does not matter the reason or reasons you have, the most vital thing is having successful projects. However, it will be nice to step up your efforts towards monetizing your filmmaking idea!

A perfect film production studio can help you bring a movie to a desirable culmination. Unfortunately, not all studios can achieve this goal. Before choosing a movie studio, it is crucial to consider the quality of production first.

So, what will make our new studio to stand out from the rest?

Our Experts are Highly Recommended

Despite the fact that our studio is a new one, we selected the best and top rated movie creators who have been recommended by many movie businesses. Since many customers rely on referees in order to narrow down their choices, we are glad our customers will get the best of what they deserve.

Our Experts Can Show Samples of Their Past Jobs

Every customer will always want to see what a film company has done, or what the producers have done in the recent past. This is possible as our experts have eye-catching portfolios where new customers can see what they have done. Interestingly, we hired experts who have been involved in highly featured films.

We Have Different Experts

professional movie makerSince customers have different needs, we are employing various professionals who have proficiency in different fields. No matter what kind of film you want to make, you will find an expert in that field. Therefore, you rest assured of a perfect job without unwelcoming off-the-mark or mistakes down the line.

Request for the Treatment

This is important because you will know how the movie or film will play. Alright, a treatment refers to a document that describes how your movie can play out. It determines whether or not the experts have understood your film concept.

Availability of All Options

Unlike other studio companies, we have blended all options in order to satisfy needs of our customers. We have several dedicated freelancers who will help our clients to save a few bucks without compromising the quality of their films. Additionally, we have a regular and cohesive staff to work directly with our customers.

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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

kıpp lennon

Buck Rogers in the 25th CenturyIf you are a fan of TV or film series soundtracks, you need to watch the “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”, a well-known TV series that was released in 1979. The opening of the movie features the song ‘Suspension’ by Kipp Lennon, which he wrote together with the celebrated songwriter, singer, and producer, Glen A. Larson. In the TV series, Gil Gerard is the title role and the starring character. The movie’s screenplay was written by Leslie Stevens together with Glen A. Larson based on the character Buck Rogers that was created in 1928 by Philip Francis Nowlan.

Alright, the soundtrack song’s instrumental version was the main theme for the TV series. However, the vocal song version was also used later, in the end, to give credit to the finale of the Season 1, “Flight of War Witch”. The singer, Kipp Lennon, is a renowned band member of the Folk Rock in which he performs as a leading percussionist and vocalist. This means he is a talented band leader, and probably that is why his song was used in the TV series. The TV series will introduce you to an artist you may not have heard before, which will provide an interesting song with an ordinary theme and mood!

Soundtracks have been integral parts of any movie for the last few years. Many movie fans are yet to realize the major objective of including soundtracks in films, though some people think it is another advantageous method to generate revenue. For your information, the soundtrack in the ‘Buck Rogers in the 25th Century’ is beyond profit making. It was used to build a mood and tone of the series. And as many people say, soundtracks that perform well are those that feature rock and pop songs. That said, the movie Buck Rogers in the 25th Century starts with a rock song track. The selection of the song was an important thing that was carefully thought of to ensure the main character’s roles are well reflected.

buck rogers header


The Art of Soundtrack in the ‘Buck Rogers in the 25th Century’

kıpp lennonThe shooting was done first before the soundtrack was selected in order to allow the producers to decide the best song that can match with the story. During this time, rock songs were a norm for many TV serials. Interestingly, many people enjoy playing songs by Kipp Lennon in their cars, and today you will also find people watching the Buck Rogers movie in their car video/audio systems. To complement the fun of the movie, having a car with a modern sound system will take in the pleasure!

If you have watched Buck Rogers, probably you have an idea of what I am trying to put across. For those who haven’t, it is never too late. Spare some of your precious time to watch it. The opening theme soundtrack for the film is as iconic as the character of Buck Rogers himself. This is vital for creating the mood of the movie/TV series.  The style of the music complements the theme, plot, genre, and visual style. And of course, these features are complemented in a more traditional way which plays up to the audience’s expectations.

I have always cherished TV and film soundtracks because they introduce me to the real music. Perhaps, the soundtracks belong to artists that I have never heard before. Interestingly, I love playing music and films while on a road trip together with my friends. But this may not be part of your fun unless you have a quality car audio stereo system. Music in a film plays an important role in setting the correct mood, and that is why a creative movie/film director will always oversee it at the start of a project.

Anyway, I would like to convince someone to love listening music from a car audio system. I understand some people may not like their car audio systems because they lack quality sound, but you can do something to improve it.

Best way to set up a Car Audio System

If you really want to enjoy some good music while driving, you need to figure out what you want. You can start by checking the current system ( the type of car audio system you have) and then find out why it is not producing the quality of sound you need. If you cannot figure out these issues, do not hesitate to seek a professional assistance.

An expert will help you know whether or not to replace old speakers. For those who want a louder car audio system in order to feel the beat, you may add a little more powerful amplifier to increase the music sound level. However, ensure your car exhaust is not interfering with your music quality! Lastly, the kind of music you listen will determine the components of the audio system to upgrade. Heavy and loud music requires one or two outboard subwoofers and an amplifier.

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How Did We Create the Car Outfit for Buck Rogers Movie Series?

Radar detector

Car Outfit for buck rogersIn the movie series, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, we choose the right car outfit that made the actor feel the character, as well as establish his actual type. Depending on the role, we ensured that the actor created a distinct persona. Being a NASA astronaut initially, we created a perfect outfit that resembles a real pilot for a space Shuttle Ranger 3. Even though the attire was expensive in terms of money, we had a firm conviction that the outfit will make a different quality and look compared to wearing a t-shirt and jeans!

As a pilot, Buck Rogers’s role required uniforms in order to feel different while wearing them.

Car Outfits Guide We Used to Find Suitable Gears and Essentials

There are various things that an actor should have, especially when driving a car to different remote regions. The following are some of the things we saw are suitable to gather before shooting the film.

Radar detector

Radar detectorSince this is a movie, we were keen to ensure the character was not going to drive too fast. In addition, we wanted to create a situation whereby the viewers will be fully convinced that the action was a ‘real’ thing. That is why we chose to have a radar detector, which is used to minimize the impact on the actor’s driving verification. Our goal was to make an award winning film, and therefore we chose a radar detector model that is usually used by professional reviewers and drivers. We liaised with a top rated manufacturer, though it was an expensive gadget, it was worth the investment.


The personal style of Buck Rogers is to show the audience that he is a professional in various activities, and therefore we chose driving sunglasses that would perform the intended purpose when it comes to a real outdoor driving – safe driving. The sunglasses had better polarization and clear lenses without the unwelcoming perceptible misinterpretation. Also, we never overlooked the weight and frame properties because the viewers are always eager to know the quality of any piece of gear used in a movie. Comfort was also a factor to consider because the sunglasses must fit appropriately without irritating the actor’s nose!

Rain-Repellent windshield coatings

When it comes to driving in rain, a driver requires more than just car wipers. Rain repellent windshield coatings ensure that the windscreen is clear for a more improved visibility. So, our audience can appreciate the precaution taken by the actor. The product we choose was applied appropriately in order to get the maximum advantage since a driver is required to start with a clean windshield. During the warm weather, the repellent will dry fast, but not when exposed to direct sunlight.

Paper map

A paper map is essential for an actor when driving a car, even though the smartphones and GPS units are as well recommended. The Buck Rogers movie involves a lot of missions, which require an unfailing map in case the electronic devices fail. The map was to ensure the actor is aware of what to expect and probably be assured of getting to a certain place. However, our choice of an atlas was based on various aspects including usability, design, and simplicity. This is to ensure that the audience can see clearly that the actor is never doing some guess work while navigating through the routes. We tested several maps so that we can pick the best.

Body wipes

This is a movie and it must be planned well because the goal is to engage the audience. However, an actor may not access somewhere to take a shower. But a shower is not the only alternative because there are body wipes that can do the trick. As an actor who is on a mission, we decided to include a few body wipes just for a relief and tidying up after hours of driving.

First aid kit

As an actor who should look and feel like a ‘real’ part, first aid kit must be an integral component to include in the car. While on a mission, there are minimal chances of accessing medical treatment due to limited time. Therefore, a basic first aid kit solves the problem at hand.

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Our New Inspiring Workspace of the Famously Creative!

neck pains

Nowadays, an office setting is a collection of dynamic and complex elements.  The office technology that has emerged is responding to the health needs of employees. Importantly, the traditional definition of an “office” has changed because an office can be in a hotel, restaurant, home, client’s site, café, or at an airplane.

office setting

This is evidenced in our facility because we have designated and equipped office rooms for our customers. We understand it is a challenge to manage a contemporary office workplace because there is a need for any organization to keep a healthy environment for all employees. Also, office tasks and office layouts are constantly evolving, and that is why we evaluated our office environment and adjusted accordingly so that we ensure our members are able to work from the rooms comfortably.

office toolsAny workplace is facing unique challenges as a result of using various office tools such as laptops, computers, tablets, and smartphones. That said, we have established a process of creating awareness of the potential ergonomic issues that our members need to understand. We have well-trained staff to inform our customers about the modern furniture we have put in our offices. They also educate our customers on how to interact with the office chairs so that they do not suffer from back pains and neck-related headaches.

We have exclusive ideas on how to improve ergonomics in our offices so that our customers can reap the enormous health benefits. Our offices are comfortable for customers to work from there, and therefore improve productivity. Also, reducing work-related injuries such as back pains improves performance.

Benefits of Office Chairs for Back Pain

Our members work for different organizations including government agencies, non-profit organizations, private companies, and other entities. This means they deserve to be in comfortable rooms where they can continue executing their official duties. Working in a workstation that is not ergonomic can lead to injuries such as back pain, neck-related pain, headaches, and muscle fatigue. For that reason, we have equipped all the office rooms with ergonomic office chairs for back pain to ensure our customers are safe.

Therefore, here are the benefits of using ergonomic office chairs;

Offers Posture Support

According to healthy experts, office workers may develop an incorrect posture due to prolonged sitting in the office chair. This problem occurs when traditional office chairs are used. The ergonomic chairs, on the other hand, solve such problems through their improved features such as headrest and backrest, which provide posture support while sitting. The height of the seat is adjustable, meaning you can change the height so that your feet can rest flat on the floor. The knees should be adjusted at 90 degrees to the ground level while the hips are sitting parallel to the knees. This sitting posture helps to maintain the correct posture.

Improved Sitting Comfort

Office chairs for back pain are comfortable compared to the traditional ones because they provide a more user-friendly experience. This is boosted by their adjustable features that allow you to change the height and the overall sitting positions. Sitting in a comfortable office chair for a whole day prevents back and neck-related injuries, which may affect performance and productivity at work.

Eliminates Risk of Neck-Related Pains

neck painsAll ergonomic office chairs have neck-rest that offers long-time support while sitting. This support feature prevents the occurrence of neck-related pains and other problems that might develop around the shoulder region. Neck-related pains may cause other serious complications such as cervical spondylosis. Additionally, ergonomic chairs have other support features such as headrest to support the neck and head whenever you are stretching out. Such features are suitable for workers who answer many phone calls while in the office.

Eliminates Risks of Back Pain

Every ergonomic office chair comes with a backrest to support the spine curve. Their height is capable of supporting the whole back more sufficiently compared to the traditional chairs. Other ergonomic chairs have additional support features such as reclining function to allow resting at a bigger angle than 90 degrees.

Reduces Pressure on the Hips

The design of the traditional chairs is not suitable for hips because you will feel more pressure on the hip area. Unlike the ergonomic chairs, when you sit on the normal chairs the seat exerts additional pressure. However, the ergonomic chairs have a good and broad seating, which offer support to the buttocks and hips.

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Celebrity Skincare: Why is Celeb’s Skin Look So Good?

Celeb's Skin Look So Good

If you love watching movies or music videos, you might have wondered how celebrities achieve a flawless skin. Not only the actresses or musicians have quite silky skin but also female TV anchors and public figures have amazing skin looks. Of course, a celeb makes a living with their physical appearance. That is why they must invest in skincare services in order to ensure they don’t dishearten their audience. In case a problem such as blotches, pimples, or flakes appears, it is fixed as soon as possible.

Celeb's Skin Look So Good

However, many celebrities nowadays are not relying on cosmetic or filler procedures that have become too common. Instead, they are focusing on skincare methods that do not force them to depend solely on things like sunscreens or certain diets. Therefore, the following are some of the tips and tricks they use to keep their skin looking pretty good.

Photodynamic Therapy

This remedy is normally used to control severe acne issues. Even though there are pills and creams that may treat such recurring acne, many celebs will not have time to wait for months. Therefore, they opt for high-end treatments. For instance, the amino acid treatment liquid is applied on the face, and then a blue light is passed over the liquid to activate it. Most of the richest celebs get this kind of treatment more than thrice a year, though it is expensive because a single treatment may cost around $1,000.

Exfoliation and Microdermabrasion

Exfoliation and MicrodermabrasionThis procedure seems obvious but it is an amazing method to rejuvenate skin complexions. Many celebs lose their natural skin texture due to frequent traveling and heavy makeup. So, experts suggest exfoliation method as it is suitable for all skin types. It helps to remove old layers so that skin care products can penetrate well and easily. Microdermabrasion procedure polishes the face by use of the tiny crystals, and many celebs prefer this kind of therapy. Those dead cells are removed to allow anti-aging serums and creams to work properly.

Dermal Quench Oxygen Treatment

For many women with dry skin, moisturizer is often their option to keep their skin looking smooth. However, it may not be enough to give a silky and smooth skin you want.  That is why many celebrities with dry skin prefer the Derma Quench Oxygen procedure, which is a one-hour treatment. It is usually a facial procedure whereby it replenishes a natural lubricant known as hyaluronate to improve moisture capacity in the skin. It can be done weekly because it is not as expensive as procedures such as photodynamic therapy.

New Tech Epilators

Though epilators have been around for several years, the new tech epilators are much more improved. A typical epilator has a head with many tiny tweezers, which remove the hairs from your legs and arms by their roots. They pluck out hair and leave your legs looking smooth, hair-free, and beautiful. After a single epilation procedure, it can last up to 5 weeks before epilating again. Many celebrities use epilators to keep their legs and arms looking sexy. These devices come in different models and have different features because you can find corded ones and cordless models. Also, there are those that are meant for dry and wet use.

Skin Creams with Antioxidants

Environmental elements such as smoke, pollutants, and the sun may damage your skin. No one’s skin is 100% safe from these elements. Given the fact that many celebs are frequent travelers, their skins may be affected by the change of climate. Therefore, their dermatologists will prescribe some skin care creams that contain antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E. These ingredients are capable of fighting radicals that diminish skin collagen.


As much as we have discussed the tips and tricks that celebrities use to keep their skin looking good, non-celebs may not afford some of the treatment procedures. But this does not mean you leave your skin looking bad. There are other ways to ensure your skin stay smooth, silky, soft, and beautiful. For instance, you can get rid of hairs on the legs and arms by use of epilators because it is a cheaper method. There are many new and high-end epilators in the market and the two most sought-after models are; Braun Silk-Epil 9 Wet and Dry Cordless Electric Epilator and the Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet and Dry Epilator.

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Get A-List Hair at Our Celebrity-Favorite Barber Shop

art of barbering

art of barberingWhile the art of barbering continues to be popular, the hairstyling trends among women are also becoming well-liked. Our hair stylists and barbers are read and prepared to maintain a consistent growth needed to build and keep a significant customer base. They are not only highly trained but also have adequate working experience in the industry. So, they ensure that the service is provided based on the best interests of our clients. Whether you are visiting our facility for a specific hairstyle or haircut, be assured of great experience because our experts are sociable and amicable.

Some of the new celeb hair trends you will find in our salon are explained below.

Silvery Platinum

This hairstyle is best achieved with short hair. Abandoning your natural hair color is the beginning style, and you will enjoy a new look that resembles various celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Katy Perry. Remember that, a shorter hair is perfect for a silvery platinum blonde!

The High Ponytail

This style involves slicking the hair all the way up in a shabby texture. The ponytail gives not only elegance but also an easy-to-collect appearance on your head. Many celebrities have embraced this hair style, but they usually ensure the hair is secured tighter so that the face looks a bit lifted.

Super Sleek

sleek hairA center-parted, shiny, and straight hair has been a trend among various female celebrities this year. But, it will work well if you have a healthy hair. Saying a healthy hair I mean non-fried hair! However, experts say you apply some heat protectant before straightening.

Grown-out shag

The shag itself has been a trending style in 2016. But when layers grow further, the grown-out shags become an admirable hairstyle. And many celebrities have been following this hairstyle. Interestingly, it is just effortless to allow the shag to extend past the shoulders without much commitment.

Flat Waves

These are the latest curling iron waves that are not bouncy at all. They are not complicated to create since you need to push and bend the hair upwards, use clamps to seal the iron shape, and release. Repeat the process while keeping the hair ends straight to get a more polished finish.

Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob became a buzz early this year after the celebrated pop singer, Rihanna, appeared on stage ‘wearing’ the hairstyle. Many hair stylists say the style can be well achieved by making it more angular. That is why Bella Hadid has severally hit the headlines with this hairstyle.

Cher Hair

For the last few years, ultra-long hair extensions have been a fashion among various celebrities. The leader of this hairstyle is the Kardashians, but also Rihanna and Jordan Dunn have also been a fan of this hairstyle.

Cordless Clippers We Use

This is business and therefore our facility is focusing on growth and provision of high-end services. We embrace technology by stepping into some of the newest haircut and hair styling techniques. For instance, we make use of mobile apps through which we provide our customers with the most trending haircuts. This allows the customers to access more and choose from a wide range of options.

As much as we have almost all sorts of trending hairstyles, we also have the best barber tools. Below are the 3 main cordless clippers used by our professional barbers.

Wahl 79600-2101

This clipper is one of the cheapest in our toolkit and uses lithium-ion technology for power. That is why many professional barbers prefer this cordless clipper over other models. It can be fully charged in only three hours. However, you can as well charge it for 15 minutes and use it for around 10 minutes. Also, it comes with many other accessories.

Andis Professional BGRC

This clipper is as powerful as many other high-quality models. It is capable of cutting through thick hair and the battery can last for more than 60 minutes without losing power. You will also need an hour to charge it fully. It is quiet and comes with many accessories including a spacious storage case.

Oster Juice

We chose to buy this cordless clipper due to its combination of high-tech design, conventional quality, lithium battery technology and regulating blade length settings. Other features include a rubberized body that offers a firm hand grip.


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Rogers Beauty Salon! Celebrity Secrets for Shiny Hair: Tips & Products

Rogers Beauty Salon

Rogers Beauty SalonAs part of our dedicated quality service provision to our customers, at Rogers Beauty Salon we offer hairdressing services including tips and tricks to keep your hair sparkling with light. We understand celebrities deserve perfection no matter what kind of hair texture one has. So through our professional advice, you will get the shiny hair secrets you may have never heard before!

Shiny Hair Tips and Secretes from Our Experts

Damaged Hair

For the damaged hair, you can only make it shiny by improving its condition. Leave-in conditioner has always been the best option for damp hair, which is applied to the damaged areas. You can find high-quality and deep-conditioning products, which are usually applied once a week. It is also important to note that dryers and straightening irons are other products that will make your hair look shiny and sleek. But, the blow-dryer should be put on a high setting. The straightening iron is supposed to be used on the hair ends, but remember to apply a few drops of frizz-taming product to make the hair dry.

Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, count yourself lucky! This is because straight hair has a vast natural shine since the cuticles are flat and quite reflective to light. To make your straight hair shinier, start by washing and conditioning it, and then rinse with some cold water for a few seconds. The conditioner will be sealed properly so that the hair becomes shinier and easier to style. While brushing your hair with a boar-bristle brush, blow-dry it and then apply some frizz-taming serum at the ends. You can as well apply some enhancer hairspray to add a shinier finish.

Curly Hair

Curly HairIf you have curly hair, probably you have realized many people are noticing after you straighten it. The problem with curly hair is the split ends and the short pieces that tend to interfere with the natural shininess. So, use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners together with straightening gels. However, remember always to use a wider tooth comb to detangle the hair. While you are blow-drying the curly hair, wrap 2-inch sections around a brush to straighten. Once you have straightened, apply a finishing cream below the roots of the hair ends.

Point to note; once you have finished conditioning your hair, do not rinse entirely so that you can achieve super shiny curls. You can apply some gel to make your hair damp, twist around the hair sections and then allow it to dry naturally.

Professional Dryers Used in Our Salon

Hair dryers come at different prices, and therefore you may not know whether or not you are buying the right one. Some may even leave your hair frizzy or be looking different from the expected results. At Rogers Beauty Salon, we use the top rated hair dryers in order to ensure our customers are fully satisfied with our services. Thus, below are a few of the models used in our salon;

CHI Rocket Hair Dryer

We included this model after finding out that many people enjoy using them. It is less time-consuming, does the job right, and gives exact results. Its features are quite practical such as removable rear filter, which allows you to remove hair when get caught. It is also lightweight, and therefore suitable for all users. You can read more on professional hair dryers at here

Elchim 2001 Professional Hair Dryer

Based on what many users say, this dryer ensures your hair is softer, straighter, and silkier. We liked its ability to reduce the dry time and it has no issues of making hair get frizzed. It is also a nice pick for all types of hair from flat, curly, thick, wavy, and lackluster.

Harry Josh Pro Tools Dryer 2000

We liked this dryer and it was worth the investment because it consumes less energy and reduces dry time. It has features such as an ion button that assists in controlling frizz and a cool shot button to add a fine finish.

BaByliss Pro TT Tourmaline 5000 Dryer

This hair dryer is astounding as it takes less than 10 minutes to do hair dry. Additionally, it makes the hair look shinier and healthier. Due to its features and ability to do a fantastic job for all types of hair, it is a nice investment worth the money.

Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional AC Hair Dryer

This is the cheapest among all our hair dryers, but it does a wonderful job and leaves your hair looking shiny, soft, smoother, and sleek. It is powerful, hence faster for drying.

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