Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

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Buck Rogers in the 25th CenturyIf you are a fan of TV or film series soundtracks, you need to watch the “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”, a well-known TV series that was released in 1979. The opening of the movie features the song ‘Suspension’ by Kipp Lennon, which he wrote together with the celebrated songwriter, singer, and producer, Glen A. Larson. In the TV series, Gil Gerard is the title role and the starring character. The movie’s screenplay was written by Leslie Stevens together with Glen A. Larson based on the character Buck Rogers that was created in 1928 by Philip Francis Nowlan.

Alright, the soundtrack song’s instrumental version was the main theme for the TV series. However, the vocal song version was also used later, in the end, to give credit to the finale of the Season 1, “Flight of War Witch”. The singer, Kipp Lennon, is a renowned band member of the Folk Rock in which he performs as a leading percussionist and vocalist. This means he is a talented band leader, and probably that is why his song was used in the TV series. The TV series will introduce you to an artist you may not have heard before, which will provide an interesting song with an ordinary theme and mood!

Soundtracks have been integral parts of any movie for the last few years. Many movie fans are yet to realize the major objective of including soundtracks in films, though some people think it is another advantageous method to generate revenue. For your information, the soundtrack in the ‘Buck Rogers in the 25th Century’ is beyond profit making. It was used to build a mood and tone of the series. And as many people say, soundtracks that perform well are those that feature rock and pop songs. That said, the movie Buck Rogers in the 25th Century starts with a rock song track. The selection of the song was an important thing that was carefully thought of to ensure the main character’s roles are well reflected.

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The Art of Soundtrack in the ‘Buck Rogers in the 25th Century’

kıpp lennonThe shooting was done first before the soundtrack was selected in order to allow the producers to decide the best song that can match with the story. During this time, rock songs were a norm for many TV serials. Interestingly, many people enjoy playing songs by Kipp Lennon in their cars, and today you will also find people watching the Buck Rogers movie in their car video/audio systems. To complement the fun of the movie, having a car with a modern sound system will take in the pleasure!

If you have watched Buck Rogers, probably you have an idea of what I am trying to put across. For those who haven’t, it is never too late. Spare some of your precious time to watch it. The opening theme soundtrack for the film is as iconic as the character of Buck Rogers himself. This is vital for creating the mood of the movie/TV series.  The style of the music complements the theme, plot, genre, and visual style. And of course, these features are complemented in a more traditional way which plays up to the audience’s expectations.

I have always cherished TV and film soundtracks because they introduce me to the real music. Perhaps, the soundtracks belong to artists that I have never heard before. Interestingly, I love playing music and films while on a road trip together with my friends. But this may not be part of your fun unless you have a quality car audio stereo system. Music in a film plays an important role in setting the correct mood, and that is why a creative movie/film director will always oversee it at the start of a project.

Anyway, I would like to convince someone to love listening music from a car audio system. I understand some people may not like their car audio systems because they lack quality sound, but you can do something to improve it.

Best way to set up a Car Audio System

If you really want to enjoy some good music while driving, you need to figure out what you want. You can start by checking the current system ( the type of car audio system you have) and then find out why it is not producing the quality of sound you need. If you cannot figure out these issues, do not hesitate to seek a professional assistance.

An expert will help you know whether or not to replace old speakers. For those who want a louder car audio system in order to feel the beat, you may add a little more powerful amplifier to increase the music sound level. However, ensure your car exhaust is not interfering with your music quality! Lastly, the kind of music you listen will determine the components of the audio system to upgrade. Heavy and loud music requires one or two outboard subwoofers and an amplifier.

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