How Did We Create the Car Outfit for Buck Rogers Movie Series?

Radar detector

Car Outfit for buck rogersIn the movie series, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, we choose the right car outfit that made the actor feel the character, as well as establish his actual type. Depending on the role, we ensured that the actor created a distinct persona. Being a NASA astronaut initially, we created a perfect outfit that resembles a real pilot for a space Shuttle Ranger 3. Even though the attire was expensive in terms of money, we had a firm conviction that the outfit will make a different quality and look compared to wearing a t-shirt and jeans!

As a pilot, Buck Rogers’s role required uniforms in order to feel different while wearing them.

Car Outfits Guide We Used to Find Suitable Gears and Essentials

There are various things that an actor should have, especially when driving a car to different remote regions. The following are some of the things we saw are suitable to gather before shooting the film.

Radar detector

Radar detectorSince this is a movie, we were keen to ensure the character was not going to drive too fast. In addition, we wanted to create a situation whereby the viewers will be fully convinced that the action was a ‘real’ thing. That is why we chose to have a radar detector, which is used to minimize the impact on the actor’s driving verification. Our goal was to make an award winning film, and therefore we chose a radar detector model that is usually used by professional reviewers and drivers. We liaised with a top rated manufacturer, though it was an expensive gadget, it was worth the investment.


The personal style of Buck Rogers is to show the audience that he is a professional in various activities, and therefore we chose driving sunglasses that would perform the intended purpose when it comes to a real outdoor driving – safe driving. The sunglasses had better polarization and clear lenses without the unwelcoming perceptible misinterpretation. Also, we never overlooked the weight and frame properties because the viewers are always eager to know the quality of any piece of gear used in a movie. Comfort was also a factor to consider because the sunglasses must fit appropriately without irritating the actor’s nose!

Rain-Repellent windshield coatings

When it comes to driving in rain, a driver requires more than just car wipers. Rain repellent windshield coatings ensure that the windscreen is clear for a more improved visibility. So, our audience can appreciate the precaution taken by the actor. The product we choose was applied appropriately in order to get the maximum advantage since a driver is required to start with a clean windshield. During the warm weather, the repellent will dry fast, but not when exposed to direct sunlight.

Paper map

A paper map is essential for an actor when driving a car, even though the smartphones and GPS units are as well recommended. The Buck Rogers movie involves a lot of missions, which require an unfailing map in case the electronic devices fail. The map was to ensure the actor is aware of what to expect and probably be assured of getting to a certain place. However, our choice of an atlas was based on various aspects including usability, design, and simplicity. This is to ensure that the audience can see clearly that the actor is never doing some guess work while navigating through the routes. We tested several maps so that we can pick the best.

Body wipes

This is a movie and it must be planned well because the goal is to engage the audience. However, an actor may not access somewhere to take a shower. But a shower is not the only alternative because there are body wipes that can do the trick. As an actor who is on a mission, we decided to include a few body wipes just for a relief and tidying up after hours of driving.

First aid kit

As an actor who should look and feel like a ‘real’ part, first aid kit must be an integral component to include in the car. While on a mission, there are minimal chances of accessing medical treatment due to limited time. Therefore, a basic first aid kit solves the problem at hand.

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