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art of barbering

art of barberingWhile the art of barbering continues to be popular, the hairstyling trends among women are also becoming well-liked. Our hair stylists and barbers are read and prepared to maintain a consistent growth needed to build and keep a significant customer base. They are not only highly trained but also have adequate working experience in the industry. So, they ensure that the service is provided based on the best interests of our clients. Whether you are visiting our facility for a specific hairstyle or haircut, be assured of great experience because our experts are sociable and amicable.

Some of the new celeb hair trends you will find in our salon are explained below.

Silvery Platinum

This hairstyle is best achieved with short hair. Abandoning your natural hair color is the beginning style, and you will enjoy a new look that resembles various celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Katy Perry. Remember that, a shorter hair is perfect for a silvery platinum blonde!

The High Ponytail

This style involves slicking the hair all the way up in a shabby texture. The ponytail gives not only elegance but also an easy-to-collect appearance on your head. Many celebrities have embraced this hair style, but they usually ensure the hair is secured tighter so that the face looks a bit lifted.

Super Sleek

sleek hairA center-parted, shiny, and straight hair has been a trend among various female celebrities this year. But, it will work well if you have a healthy hair. Saying a healthy hair I mean non-fried hair! However, experts say you apply some heat protectant before straightening.

Grown-out shag

The shag itself has been a trending style in 2016. But when layers grow further, the grown-out shags become an admirable hairstyle. And many celebrities have been following this hairstyle. Interestingly, it is just effortless to allow the shag to extend past the shoulders without much commitment.

Flat Waves

These are the latest curling iron waves that are not bouncy at all. They are not complicated to create since you need to push and bend the hair upwards, use clamps to seal the iron shape, and release. Repeat the process while keeping the hair ends straight to get a more polished finish.

Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob became a buzz early this year after the celebrated pop singer, Rihanna, appeared on stage ‘wearing’ the hairstyle. Many hair stylists say the style can be well achieved by making it more angular. That is why Bella Hadid has severally hit the headlines with this hairstyle.

Cher Hair

For the last few years, ultra-long hair extensions have been a fashion among various celebrities. The leader of this hairstyle is the Kardashians, but also Rihanna and Jordan Dunn have also been a fan of this hairstyle.

Cordless Clippers We Use

This is business and therefore our facility is focusing on growth and provision of high-end services. We embrace technology by stepping into some of the newest haircut and hair styling techniques. For instance, we make use of mobile apps through which we provide our customers with the most trending haircuts. This allows the customers to access more and choose from a wide range of options.

As much as we have almost all sorts of trending hairstyles, we also have the best barber tools. Below are the 3 main cordless clippers used by our professional barbers.

Wahl 79600-2101

This clipper is one of the cheapest in our toolkit and uses lithium-ion technology for power. That is why many professional barbers prefer this cordless clipper over other models. It can be fully charged in only three hours. However, you can as well charge it for 15 minutes and use it for around 10 minutes. Also, it comes with many other accessories.

Andis Professional BGRC

This clipper is as powerful as many other high-quality models. It is capable of cutting through thick hair and the battery can last for more than 60 minutes without losing power. You will also need an hour to charge it fully. It is quiet and comes with many accessories including a spacious storage case.

Oster Juice

We chose to buy this cordless clipper due to its combination of high-tech design, conventional quality, lithium battery technology and regulating blade length settings. Other features include a rubberized body that offers a firm hand grip.


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